Lifeguard Hats

Lifeguard Hats

August 02, 2023

Get effortless style and sun protection with Brixton’s lifeguard hats for men and women. Our dropped brim straw hats are perfect for the beach, bike rides, and everything outdoors.

Our dropped brim lifeguard hats offer essential sun protection for lazy days at the beach and everything in between.

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All of Brixton’s straw hats sport a stiff crown that keeps its shape while you’re tending the garden or doing yard work, while our woven designs keep you cool and comfy, even on the toastiest summer days.

Lightweight, breathable, and stylish, Brixton’s straw hats for men and women feature an adjustable drawcord—so you never lose your lid on windy days. Tighten it up or sling it on your back when the sun starts to set.

Sport this timeless style on fishing trips, breezy bike rides, or trips to your local farmer’s market. Our lifeguard straw hats keep you cool as a cucumber.

Style Tips for Men

Lifeguard Hats Men's look 1Lifeguard Hats Men's look 2

Whether you’re hitting the beach or exploring urban environments, a lifeguard straw hat adds just the right touch of relaxed style. Here are some styling tips:

Summer Rambler – Embrace summertime by pairing your lifeguard hat with a lightweight, short-sleeved floral or Hawaiian button-down. Slip into some comfortable shorts or rolled-up chinos and top off the look with flip flops or classic canvas sneakers.

Relaxed Explorer – Channel your inner outdoorsman by pairing a men’s lifeguard hat with a utility shirt in an earth tone, or dress it up with a chambray button-down. Slide into some cargo shorts or straight-leg jeans and cap off the look with a pair of sturdy leather sandals or hiking boots.

Casual Cool – Keep it simple and stylish by pairing a straw hat with a fitted tee or casual polo shirt. Match it with a pair of slim-fit chinos or denim jeans and your go-to sneakers or boat shoes. This laid-back outfit is perfect for a weekend brunch or a casual hangout with friends.

Style Tips for Women

Lifeguard Hats Women's look 1Lifeguard Hats Women's look 2

Get comfortable, effortless style with Brixton’s women’s lifeguard hats. Here are some styling tips:

Beach Breezy – Pair a lifeguard straw hat with a flowy, lightweight maxi dress in a vibrant print or a comfy cotton sundress. Slide into some comfortable sandals, grab your beach tote, and get ready for a day of fun in the sun.

Boho Chic – Embrace your inner bohemian by pairing a lifeguard hat with a loose-fitting floral blouse and flowy maxi skirt. Complete the ensemble with some suede ankle boots or strappy sandals, and layer on a few boho-inspired accessories like stacked bracelets or a long pendant necklace.

Country Charm – For a laid-back countryside vibe, pair your women’s lifeguard hat with a plaid button-down shirt and some well-worn jeans. Add a pair of chunky ankle boots and a rustic leather handbag—and don’t forget to roll up your sleeves.

August 02, 2023
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