An assortment of custom snap and strapbacks with signature designs featuring custom patches, prints and embroideries.


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Men's Snapbacks

Once limited to the world of sports, the iconic snapback has firmly secured its place in men’s fashion. Brixton has elevated this sportswear staple with premium materials and signature designs featuring custom patches, prints, and embroideries for extra swagger.

Dress it up or down. Wear it day or night. The snapback is a versatile piece of headwear that works with almost anything in your wardrobe. Whether you rock a classic trucker hat or love a high-dome style with flat brim, men’s snapback hats are timeless toppers that are always on point.

Snap It Up

The snapback gets its name from the adjustable snap strap in the back. The snap closure is a simple yet smart feature that helps you achieve a perfect fit without stretching out your headwear.

Far from its humble beginnings on the ball field, the snapback is now a staple among Major Leaguers, celebrities, and hip hop heroes alike. It’s no surprise, given the snapback’s versatility. Today, it’s a veritable wardrobe essential.

Pick Your Profile

Snapbacks feature a wide, flat brim and six rigid sections that give the hat structure. The high-dome shape gives the snapback its distinctive appearance and creates space on the front for text or prints.

Snapbacks typically come in one of three profiles:

  • High-dome snapbacks are structured and sit high on the head, with plenty of room behind the bill.
  • Medium-profile snapbacks have a more casual fit with a softer top and mid-height profile.
  • Low-profile snapbacks are unstructured and flexible with a relaxed fit that hugs the head.
  • Tips for Wearing a Snapback

    Find a good fit. Regardless of the crown style, a snapback should fit snugly around your head without being tight.

    Pick the right material. If your hat is for sun and sports, choose a breathable fabric like cotton. For warmth, opt for a wool blend, suede, or corduroy.

    Keep it clean. No one digs a grimy hat. Keep it classy. Here’s how to clean a hat without messing it up.