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Men's Full Brim & Fedoras

The fedora is quintessentially cool. Once a staple of men’s attire, this iconic piece of headwear has made a major comeback. Today, it’s once again becoming a wardrobe essential.

Frank Sinatra famously sported a trilby hat, while Humphrey Bogart made waves in Casablanca in a short-brim fedora and trench coat. But modern stars and celebrities have also been spotted rocking a fedora, proving it’s a timeless topper with modern appeal.

What Is a Fedora Hat?

Fedoras, also known as snap-brim hats, have an indented crown and are usually made of felt wool, but they can also be made of straw, leather, and other materials.

Fedoras come in short-brim, medium-brim, and wide-brim options. They have an indented crown that’s 4-6 inches high. Since they sit high on the head, fedoras make you appear taller. And they just look cool.

Whether you don a homburg style with a feather embellishment or a jet-black trilby with a slick leather band, you’ll turn heads in a fedora.

How to Wear Different Fedora Styles

Trilby hat – Channel your inner Sinatra with a classic trilby hat, a fedora with a narrow or “stingy” brim and teardrop crown. Pair it with your best suit or go for a more relaxed look with an unstructured blazer, dark denim, and a pair of stylish Oxfords.

Pork pie – A true headwear icon, the pork pie hat features a short brim and teardrop crease. Usually made of natural wool or synthetic felt, pork pies can also be fashioned out of straw, jute, or other fibers. Pair a pork pie hat with a button-down shirt and casual slacks, or jeans and a V-neck.

Panama hat – These light-colored, finely woven hats are traditionally made of straw and feature a pinched crown, medium-brim, and signature black ribbon. Pair a classic Panama hat with shorts and a tee or dress it up at night with a nice jacket.

Homburg – A variation on the bowler hat, the homburg is a formal men’s hat with a tall round crown and single center crease. It has a stiff brim with an upturned edge and usually features a grosgrain band and feather embellishment, giving this distinctive hat even more flair. Pair a homburg with a stylish suit or a nice jacket.

Wide-brim fedora – A modern take on a heritage style, the wide-brim fedora has an iconic teardrop crease and front pinch and is usually embellished with a grosgrain band. The generous brim offers sun protection and gives this polished hat its distinctive look. Pair a wide-brim fedora with a leather jacket and jeans or a button-down.

Cowboy hat – Cowboy hats have a wide brim that’s sharply upturned at the sides and a teardrop, round, or diamond crown. The pinch-front crease accentuates a narrow jawline. Pair this laid-back wardrobe staple with any casual outfit.