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Women's Full Brim & Fedoras

Wide-brim fedora hats are the definition of cool. Fedora hats are attention-getting statement pieces that pair well with so many outfits, from summer dresses to svelte pantsuits.

This versatile headwear icon has long been a staple of the fashion world. Fedoras are more formal than flat caps, beanies, or berets, but versatile enough to be dressed up or down. It’s no wonder the fedora is one of the most popular styles for women and men.

Brixton’s vintage-meets-modern women’s fedoras complement any style and are always on point. From light and airy straw rancher hats to ultra-stylish Panama hats, there’s a fedora for every season in our fashion-forward collection. From wool felt to straw and leather, the material you choose will help define your look.

Need a more formal hat to pair with your favorite winter coat? Go for a wool felt fedora. Looking for something light and airy for a beach day or an island vacation? A playfully embellished straw fedora will pair perfectly with a breezy dress or your favorite bikini.

Choosing a Style and Brim Size

Love the idea of coyly peeking out from under a wide-brim fedora hat? Or maybe you prefer the more compact style of a short brim hat.

Here’s the lowdown on different fedora styles and how to wear them with confidence. Don’t be afraid to play with different styles to figure out what suits you best.

Trilby hat – A classic old-soul fedora, the trilby hat is petite with a short crown and a diamond, center, or open crease along the top. The brim is short but distinctive, turned down slightly at the forehead and ever-so-slightly upturned in the back, for a classic film noir look. Trilby hats keep your head toasty and offer protection from the midday sun. It’s a stylish choice for day or night.

Rancher-style fedora – Howdy, cowgirl! The rancher fedora hat has a wide, stiff brim and a pinch-front crease. The brim shape can vary. Some rancher fedoras are slightly downturned in front. Others are gently turned up at the sides. Brixton’s wool felt rancher fedoras have a flat brim with a very subtle upturn around the entire brim.

Panama hat – The iconic Panama hat is an old-school classic. These stylish hats typically feature a distinctive black band around the pinched crown, center crease, and flexible brim that can be snapped up or down. Panama hats have a medium brim, perfect for blue-sky soirees and lazy days at the beach.

Cowboy hat – You just know this classic hat when you see it. Cowboy (or, ahem, cowgirl) hats have a wide brim that’s sharply upturned at the sides and a teardrop, round, or diamond crown. The pinch-front crease is super flattering if you have delicate facial features or a narrow jawline, but every cowgirl can sport this laid-back hat style.

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