Straw Hats

Easy to wear headwear for sunny days.

Men's Straw Headwear

In search of the perfect men’s straw hat to show off your classic style whether at the beach, on vacation, or at a more formal outdoor event? We have the perfect woven hats for you.

Choose a classic men’s straw fedora hat to go with just about any outfit no matter how casual or formal you choose to be. The clean cut and minimalism of our Marcos Fedora make it a bestseller among men in search of a sophisticated straw hat to dress up their outfits. Made from tightly woven Tripilla straw, the fedora is a statement piece that will never go out of style. However, it’s not the only classic men’s hat in our varied collection.

The best men’s hat for sun protection is undeniably the Reno Straw Hat. This wide-brim beach hat provides more than 50 UPF coverage paired with the airy breathability of braided straw. Paired with a button-down shirt and one of our signature, lightweight shorts, the Reno wide brim straw hat is an excellent choice for when you’re planning on spending lots of time outdoors. Alternatively, the Bells II Sun Hat is another excellent men’s straw sun hat that provides just as much UV protection while sporting an extra wide, flat brim. Its nylon drawcord gives it an ultra-secure fit and makes it one of the best beach hats in our collection as we know it will never blow away.

On the other end of the brim size spectrum, the Jo Short Brim Palmilla leads the pack among short-brim straw hats for men. Made with lightweight palm straw, the Jo is a great choice for everyday wear or for dressing up simple outfits and making them stand out. And, of course, no hat collection would be complete without men’s straw cowboy hats. The rugged, classic silhouette and textured straw used in our Houston Straw Cowboy Hat bring a sense of fun and laidback charm to any outfit.

Taking inspiration from men’s Panama hats, our Messer Straw Fedora is another bestseller that features a statement crease and genuine leather band for an expressive, individualistic look to bring your own sense of style to any outfit.

And, for an unbeatable addition to your travel or vacation wardrobe, don’t overlook our Wesley Straw Packable Fedora. Made from 100% packable raffia straw, this fedora bounces right back even when stuffed into the darkest corner of your suitcase, making it the perfect companion for everything from a beach getaway to a summer trip to Europe.

Whether you’re looking to avoid the sun or make a style statement, we have the men’s straw hat for you. Browse our online collection to find your next favorite straw hat accessory today.